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New Members Welcome!

New Members

Cambridge Chord Company is a leading a capella and barbershop singing group for men, and is always keen to welcome new members at all levels of experience and with any previous musical background. Perhaps you don’t even think you can sing. The following is adapted from the Institute for Vocal Advancement’s website.


Can Anyone Learn to Sing? The Answer is Yes!

Not everyone will be a Pavarotti, of course, but everyone can learn to sing better than they presently do.

If you have:

  • working vocal cords
  • are not tone deaf
  • were not born deaf

…then you can learn to sing?

In most cases when people say they can’t sing, it’s usually the case that they don’t know how to use their voice; their instrument.

CCC has helped a variety of people to explore their ability as a singer and go on to enjoy the fantastic experience of singing 4-part close harmony a capella music.

Cambridge Chord Company is based just outside Cambridge – come and visit one of our rehearsals.

Contact and we’ll arrange for you to come an see us, see what we do and begin discovering the magic of close harmony singing!

Contact us to find out more!

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Recent New Members

Here are few quotes from some more recently joined members – it’s just coincidence that most of them are in the bass section! (honest guv…)

‘I joined CCC because I moved to England and was looking for a good chorus to sing with at a high level. I previously sang with a chorus in Southern California, where I learned to love the craft, the art, and the community.

The experience with CCC has been absolutely fantastic; the chorus holds itself to a very high level, which leads to a lot of personal improvement and growth. Simon, the MD, is very organized and always improving his own skills so I feel we get exposed to the latest developments in best practice and technique from the international community. Even warm-ups are enjoyable because Simon explains the purpose and function of the exercises while we do them, which I find very helpful for my individual practice and for overall improvement.

The chorus is formed of many very experienced and skilled singers who very generously share their knowledge and teach new members like myself. Many of the members are medallist quartet singers, judges, or have competed with the chorus at international level, which enriches the chorus experience.’

Mike Gaultois


When the opportunity to go along for a no-strings-attached sing with CCC came by through a friend, I took it with the expectation of an interesting experience and a laugh. It’s turned out to be much more than that. The passion and the ability in this club makes CCC what it is for me: a journey of learning how to make great music with great people.

Nick Morley


‘I wanted to join CCC because I wanted to be part of a sound which I really enjoyed and to sing with people who put as much effort into learning songs as I did.

A sense of humour adds to the enjoyment – concentration and effort are essential and high standards are demanded, but there is also a lighter, less serious side to the rehearsals. Barbershop is, after all, a hobby!

If you enjoy making music in whatever form, if you like harmony (especially 4-part!), if you enjoy singing with people of like mind, if you want to improve your singing/music-making ability, then CCC is the chorus to join.’

John Parkes

Assistant Bass Section Leader, Bass

‘I began my barbershop journey in 1997 and I was lucky enough to be part of Shannon Express when they won their second gold medal in 1998. Although I gave up chorus singing in 2014 to focus on my quartet ‘Double Take’ and had no intention of returning to a chorus, one evening in August 2015 we decided to visit Cambridge Chord Company on a rehearsal night – just to listen.

We were warmly welcomed and thoroughly enjoyed the evening, joining in where we could. Oh dear! I was so impressed with the quality of the singing and the friendliness of the guys I was felt I would love to be part of this.

After another couple of visits there was no turning back, (if I could pass the audition process) and my first convention with CCC this year was a great experience, with a  5th place finish.

I am so looking forward to learning more great songs and competing in Convention as a proud member of Cambridge Chord Company.’

Dave Beatie


Joining CCC

CCC is a men’s chorus, so we welcome any man who would like to find out if our type of singing is for them, as well as experienced singers from other genres. We welcome barbershoppers who have moved to the greater Cambridgeshire area and even those who haven’t, but would like to join one of the UK’s top choruses.

‘Taster’ sessions can be arranged and you’ll be very welcome to simply come and watch one of our rehearsals, and take part if you would like to. You don’t need to be able to read music as we have a range of audio learning material. You might even get a chance to take part in singing a tag – a few bars of music at the end of a song – a regular form of musical enjoyment for all levels of singer.

The Process

We have an audition process and we help our new members to develop their singing to a level where they are comfortable singing  in a quartet, as well as the larger chorus.

Please contact if you’d like to find out more about becoming a member, or to come and see one of our rehearsals and, maybe, try a taster session

Stage 1 – Voice Test

We establish which part is most suited to your voice then, when ready, you sing a short song of your choice to our music team.

Stage 2 – Performance

You learn to sing a selected song in quartet and, when ready, sing with 3 experienced singers to our music team.